Airforce 1

Our fastest fully inflatable family canvas tent. From bag to camping in 10mins! Finally, camping in style without the effort!!

Fully Inflatable Frame

Just plug in the pump and inflate!


Isolation taps

Isolation taps ensure pressure is maintained throughout the tent!


Full Side Opening

Creates maximum aifrlow and access to the front of the tent



  • 3 Way Windows

    Clear PVC panels combined with Durable lower mesh panels provide airflow when hot, light when it is raining, and privacy when required. Internal covers allow easy adjustment from inside the tent.

  • 1Anchor Fin(s)

    Anchor fins tension the tent increasing stability in windy conditions. As the tension is spread accross the length of the pole and therefore reduces the risk of damagae to the tent fly. The fins also provide potection from the rain for lower windows.

  • Anti Grit Reversed Zips

    Zips that are attached with the teeth facing inwards. This style of zipper is less likely to clog with sand and grit increasing the durability of the zips and therefore the tent. Also reduces corrosion from salt sea spray when camping at the beach.

  • 1Awning Pole Set(s)

    Additional poles included with your tent, to enable you to pole out the side openings and door covers. To create additional shade and also a weatherproof entry during light rain.

  • Awning Rigging System

    Steel rings located on the inside of the awning, allows ropes to be connected to create clothes lines or kitchen utensil racks.

  • Breathable Fabric

    Using natural cotton mixed with strong and durable polyester (35% cotton / 65% polyester) this fabric remains breathable while being 100% waterproof. This keeps the tent fresh, reducing the stale air feeling. Also provides better temperature control, keeping the tent cooler during the day and warmer in the evenings.

  • Compatible With Canvaslite Sunroom

    Can be used to replace one of the existing side walls on the Canvaslite Sunroom

  • Corner Rock Stakes

    Large gold passivated re inforced rock stakes are included in the tent for each corner. This creates a strong foundation for your tent on any ground.

    zempire corner rock stakes
  • D Ring Peg Points

    Galvanised D rings provide a strong connection point to peg through. The steel rings prevent excess wear on the webbing when pegging out.

  • Door Locks

    Small clips located at the top of the door allow the two way zips to be clipped together, preventing anyone outside the tent from opening the doors.

    zempire door locks
  • 2Draft Vents

    Vents around the base of the tent that allow fresh cool air in, providing good air circulation and a more comfortable living environment. These vents can also be pegged closed on cooler nights, restricting air circulation and keeping the tent warmer inside.

  • Dual Duty Thread

    The best poly cotton thread money can buy! Dual duty thread is increadibly strong an also swells up well when exposed to water filling up stitch holes and creating a turley water tight seal without the need for seam sealing.

  • Flip Lock Adjustment

    Moulded Nylon Clamps to control the height of adjustable poles. Allows poles to be quickly and easily extended to the correct height and securely locked in place. Larger canvas tents feature two locks for extra support.

    zempire flip lock
  • Front Power Cord Access

    A small zip closed and weather tight entry at the front of the tent to allow power cords to be brought into the tent. Also power cords to b brought into the awning area of the tent when using a rear powered site.

  • Full Front Opening

    Full front openings enable the entire front wall of the tent to be zipped away, creating an open living area in the front of your tent.

  • Full Head Height

    Provides plenty of head room through out the tent creating a more comfortable living enviromnent. Important when the tent is being used both as a living and sleeping area.

  • 2Full Side Openings

    Side panels that can be opened up to create another entry/exit or create additional shaded areas. When closed they feature internal windows to control privacy and airflow.

  • Fully Inflatable Frame

    No more poles! Air tubes allow the tent to be inflated reducing pitching time.

  • Gold Passivated Poles

    A durable treatment that prevents rust and corrosion, identified by its shinny gold coloured finish. Especially important when camping in salt air seaside campsites.

    zempire gold passivated poles
  • HD Carrybags

    Oversized and reinforced carry bags for extra durability. Also features strong and comfortable carry handles to make transporting a little easier.

    Zempire HD Carrybags
  • High Tensile Steel Poles

    Unlike softer steel, high tensile (HT) steel poles are highly bend resistant and have good spring qualities. HT steel poles are also 10 - 15% lighter than regular steel poles, reducing the overall carry weight of the tent.

  • 7Internal Windows

    Internal windows provide the convenience of closing windows for privacy and warmth, without having to go outside the tent. They also provide more security, as passers by from the outside cannot open them. Many of the internal covers zip closed from bottom to top, allowing you to adjust the amount of airflow inside the tent. All windows use high quality bug proof mesh.

  • Isolation Taps
  • Power Cord Rigging

    Velcro loops sewn up the inside of the tent that run from the power cord access point, allows power cables to be secured out of harms way.

  • PP Mesh Windows

    Polypropylene mesh coated with a protective UV resistant layer.  Does not pull with Velcro and lasts as long as your canvas in the harsh sun.

    zempire PP Mesh
  • 2PVC Windows

    PVC windows are a great option for providing light and warmth in poor weather conditions, while keeping out wind and rain. Our PVC windows use a UV stabilised UVX material, to ensure long life and prevent discolouration and cracking.


  • Rear Power Cord Access

    A small weatherproof zip opening at the rear of the tent, to allow power cords to be connected through the tent. As many power boxes are found at the rear of the site, this eliminates the need to run a long cord around to the front of the tent.

  • Room Dividing Curtain

    A removable curtain that divides the rear room of the tent in two. With twin doors into the rear room, this creates two independent and private rooms.

  • Sewn In Internal Wall

    A fully attached internal wall, creating a private and sealed rear room. A lifesaver when the kids need to be put to bed before the card game is finished.

  • Single Point Inflation
  • Tinted Privacy Windows
  • TPU Inflatable Frame

    A super durable TPU frame, that inflates to create an incredibly stable structure. There are no poles to insert for pitching or to break in high winds. The frame tubes are fully replaceable and repairable.

  • Twin Layer Roof
  • Weatherproof Deisgn
  • Wet Area Vestibule

    Wet Area Vestibules provide a secure storage space for wet and dirty items outside the tent, but out of the rain and sun.

  • YKK Door Zippers

    Heavy-duty YKK zips are used on all main entry doors into the tent. These zips have the highest use and therefore require the highest durability.


Inflate and forget

Airforce 1

Floor Plan


The Airforce 1 layout is our most popular configuration. Rooms at one end of the tent offer privacy and can be divided in two by attached the curtain included. Once divided each room has its own internal door, rear window, 3 Way side windows.

The front sides of the Airforce 1 can also be fully opened to create another entry / exit or to allow maximum airflow.


A unique feature of the Airforce 1 is the zip out central wall. When removed, a pole free open plan living area is created. A great feature if you want multiple layout options during your stay.


The Front wall of the central living area also completely zip open. This creates a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor living areas of the tent.

Airforce 1

Comfort Without the Effort

Airforce 1


Airforce 1



    8 people


    10 people


    340gsm Dual Treated Polycotton


    220/340gsm Dual Treated Polycotton


    14 x 14, 220gsm PE


    SPF 50+




    TPU Inflatable Tubes
















AIRFORCE 1 Instructions