TXL Pro / Lite Carpet

Zempire carpets provide a luxurious feel to the inside of your tent. The laminated construction of insulation between soft touch fleece and waterproof base creates a homely feel.

Floor Plan



The Aero TXL Pro / Lite carpet covers the central living area of the tent and is compatable with bith the TXL Pro and TXL Lite. Attachment hooks on each corner can be attached to rings found under each base of the central cross tubes.


Tension straps allow the floor to be tightened to prevent bunching or tripping. The rear of the carpet fits neatly under the floor of the bedroom inner floor.


TXL Pro / Lite Carpet


  • Material Front


  • Insulation

    PU foam

  • Backing

    Polyester PVC

  • Compatible

    Aero TXL Pro, Aero TXL Lite