Aerodome II Classic


Aerodome II Classic

Aerodome II Classic is a similar layout and design to the Aerodome II Pro but with a lighter fabric and slightly smaller footprint. Inflation time is less than 5 minutes. Features a very liveable layout with two room pods (removable) and twin access to the central living area. A large family tent without the worry of a long setup time.


Durable inflatable TPU frame replaces poles. Simply attach the pump and inflate in minutes.



Provides a shelter from wind and rain without blocking the view.


Large Internal Windows

Provides ultimate control over airflow, privacy, and light. Twin bug mesh keeps all the critters out.



  • 360 Doors

    This door design allows doors to be fully unzipped so that they can be stuffed into a handy storage pocket. All 360 fly doors feature both a solid fabric layer for privacy and warmth and a mesh layer for bug protection, while still allowing airflow through the tent.

    Aerodome II 360 doors
  • Alu Guy Tensioners
  • 3Anchor Fin(s)

    Anchor fins tension the tent increasing stability in windy conditions. As the tension is spread accross the length of the pole and therefore reduces the risk of damagae to the tent fly. The fins also provide potection from the rain for lower windows.

  • Anti Grit Reversed Zips

    Zips that are attached with the teeth facing inwards. This style of zipper is less likely to clog with sand and grit increasing the durability of the zips and therefore the tent. Also reduces corrosion from salt sea spray when camping at the beach.

  • Bug Free System

    A fully enclosed sleeping pod sits inside a fully enclosed fly sheet. This enables you to keep your bedroom closed and free from bugs, while still being able to use the inside living area of the tent. The privacy pods can also be removed during the day to maximise internal living space and eliminate any chance of pesky bugs entering your sleeping area.

    Aerodome II bug free
  • Carry bag Included
  • Central Living Area

    Located in the centre of the tent, the central living area provides a private living space inside the tent, which is fully protected from the elements. Great if you dont want to be 'on show' to the rest of the campsite.

  • D Ring Peg Points

    Galvanised D rings provide a strong connection point to peg through. The steel rings prevent excess wear on the webbing when pegging out.

  • 4Draft Vents

    Vents around the base of the tent that allow fresh cool air in, providing good air circulation and a more comfortable living environment. These vents can also be pegged closed on cooler nights, restricting air circulation and keeping the tent warmer inside.

    Aerodome II draft vents
  • Free Standing Frame Design
  • Full Front Opening

    Full front openings enable the entire front wall of the tent to be zipped away, creating an open living area in the front of your tent.

  • Full Head Height

    Provides plenty of head room through out the tent creating a more comfortable living enviromnent. Important when the tent is being used both as a living and sleeping area.

  • Fully Inflatable Frame

    No more poles! Air tubes allow the tent to be inflated reducing pitching time.

  • Fully Seam Sealed
  • Glow in Dark Zip Pullers
  • Heavy Duty PolyOxford Floor
  • High / Low Room Ventilation
  • Hot Tape Seam Sealed

    All fly seams are sealed with PU tape welded on under extremely hot temperatures. This bonding system ensures that sealing tape is truely secure and will stay attached for the life of the tent.

    Aerodome II seam sealed
  • Internal Doors

    Fully zip closable doors that ensure total privacy from one room to another. Also creates an extra barrier to prevent bugs and insects.

  • Internal Storage Ladders

    Handy rows of mesh pockets to keep everything tidy and ensure you always know where the keys are. Often found on either side of inner bedroom doors.

  • 3Internal Windows

    Internal windows provide the convenience of closing windows for privacy and warmth without having to go outside the tent. They also provide more security, as passers by from the outside cannot open them. Many of the internal covers zip closed from bottom to top, allowing you to adjust the amount of airflow inside the tent. All windows use high quality bug proof mesh.

    Aerodome II internal windows
  • Lantern Rigging

    Velcro loops sewn up the inside of the tent, that run from the power cord access point. Allows power cables to be secured out of harms way.

  • Leverage frame design

    In order to keep tent pitching simple leverage frame design relies on a large central dome supported by anchor points on every side. This simple design ensures exceptional stability no matter which direction the wind comes from and reduces the number of poles in the tent.

    aerodome ii rear
  • Living Area Skylight

    Large PVC window located in the roof of the tent, to allow more light into the living area. An internal cover can close the window when not in use.

  • Power Cord Access

    A small zip closed and weather tight entry at the front of the tent, to allow power cords to be brought into the tent. Featured on both the main tent and the inner pods.

    aerodome ii powercord access
  • Pressure Gauge Included
  • Pressure Release Valve
  • Pump Included

    A high quality double action pump is included in with your tent. The pump features both a pressure gauge to indicate how much air is in the tubes and also a pressure release valve to ensure that the tubes are not over inflated. The twin hose design also allows two tubes to be inflated at the same time.

    aerodome ii pump included
  • 2PVC Windows

    PVC windows are a great option for providing light and warmth in poor weather conditions, while keeping out wind and rain. Our PVC windows use a UV stabilised UVX material, to ensure long life and prevent discolouration and cracking.


  • Reflective Guy Ropes
  • Sewn In Ground Sheet
  • Storage Hammock
  • Storage Pockets
  • Weatherproof Deisgn
  • Welded Cross Frame
  • 1Wet Area Vestibule

    Wet Area Vestibules provide a secure storage space for wet and dirty items outside the tent, but out of the rain and sun.

  • Wet Weather Access

    A protected door design that allows you to get out of the rain and remove wet items before entering your tent. Ensures the inside of your tent remains dry and comfortable in all conditions.

  • Zip Away Front Awning Door

    The entire front awning door zips away and folds into a handy storage pocket. This creates a clean entry into your tent, but allows for greater protection during rainy or windy weather.



Aerodome II Classic

Floor Plan



The Aerodome II layout features a rooms on each side of a central living area. The rooms (or privacy pods) can be also be removed to create a large open plan living space.

The rear door on the central living area can be opened up on warm days to allow maximum airflow and light and also create a free flowing open plan living space.

The Front wall of the central living area also completely zip open. This creates a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor living areas of the tent.

The front vestibule area is an ideal outdoor indoor space providing protection for the sun and elements, while the two large windows offer light while blocking wind and rain. The vestibule area also creates a transit area during wet weather allowing you to remove your wet and sandy gear before entering the tent. The large front door can also be closed keeping wet gear safe and secure.

Aerodome II Classic

In Action

Aerodome II Classic

in the bag

Aerodome II Classic

Double Action Pump


The Aerodome III comes with a high quality Zempire Double Action Pump in the bag. The pump connects directly to the tent and allows it to be inflated in minutes. The pump inflates on both push and pull strokes.

The pump comes equipped with a pressure gauge to ensure that you have inflated your tent to the correct pressure. Aerodome tents are designed to be inflated between 7 to 9 PSI. This creates a strong pressure in the tube while still allowing for pressure variance due to any changes in air temperature.

A pressure release valve on your Double Action Pump will also ensure you never over inflate the tubes.

Aerodome II Classic



    4 People


    6 People


    150D, 130T, Poly Oxford


    300D Poly Oxford


    Fire Retardant, UV Treatment


    SPF 50+




    Inflatable Tubes














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