Aero TL Lite

The Aero TL Lite is a similar layout and design to the Aero TL Pro but with a lighter fabric. Our most portable family sized inflatable tent. The Aero TL Lite offers a large full head height living area with side and front access. The large rear room can be divided in two with individual entry.

Rain Tested

Rain tested for 2hrs under 450mm p/hr of driving rain 

Side Access

Twin Layer side access for better family traffic flow

Open Plan Living

Spacious internal living area with full head height throughout


  • 360 Doors

    This door design allows doors to be fully unzipped, so that they can be stuffed into a handy storage pocket. All 360 fly doors feature both a solid fabric layer for privacy and warmth, as well as a mesh layer for bug protection, while still allowing airflow through the tent.

  • Anchor Fin(s)

    Anchor fins tension the tent increasing stability in windy conditions. As the tension is spread accross the length of the pole and therefore reduces the risk of damagae to the tent fly. The fins also provide potection from the rain for lower windows.

  • Anti Grit Reversed Zips

    Zips that are attached with the teeth facing inwards. This style of zipper is less likely to clog with sand and grit increasing the durability of the zips and therefore the tent. Also reduces corrosion from salt sea spray when camping at the beach.

  • Bug Free System

    A fully enclosed sleeping pod sits inside a fully enclosed flysheet. This enables you to keep your bedroom closed and free from bugs, while still being able to use the inside living area of the tent. The privacy pods can also be removed during the day, to maximise internal living space and eliminate any chance of pesky bugs entering your sleeping area.


  • Carpet Clip Rings
  • Central Living Area

    Located in the centre of the tent, the central living area provides a private living space inside the tent, which is fully protected from the elements. Great if you dont want to be 'on show' to the rest of the campsite.

  • Centre Roll Back Door Toggles
  • Compact Pack Size
  • Draft Vents

    Vents around the base of the tent that allow fresh cool air in, providing good air circulation and a more comfortable living environment. These vents can also be pegged closed on cooler nights, restricting air circulation and keeping the tent warmer inside.

  • Expandable Carry Bag

    Oversized and gusseted carrybag that ensures that you will always be able to get the tent back in the bag, no matter how poorly it is stuffed in.

  • External Inflation Points
  • Full Front Opening

    Full front openings enable the entire front wall of the tent to be zipped away, creating an open living area in the front of your tent.

  • Full Head Height

    Provides plenty of head room through out the tent creating a more comfortable living enviromnent. Important when the tent is being used both as a living and sleeping area.

  • Fully Inflatable Frame

    No more poles! Air tubes allow the tent to be inflated reducing pitching time.

  • Fully Seam Sealed
  • High / Low Room Ventilation
  • Internal Doors

    Fully zip closable doors that ensure total privacy from one room to another. Also creates an extra barrier to prevent bugs and insects.

  • Internal Storage Ladders

    Handy rows of mesh pockets to keep everything tidy and ensure you always know where the keys are. Often found on either side of inner bedroom doors.

  • Internal Window Covers
  • Lantern Rigging

    Velcro loops sewn up the inside of the tent, that run from the power cord access point. Allows power cables to be secured out of harms way.

  • Power Cord Access
  • Power Cord Rigging

    Velcro loops sewn up the inside of the tent that run from the power cord access point, allows power cables to be secured out of harms way.

  • Pressure Gauge Included
  • Pressure Release Valve
  • Pump Included
  • Sewn In Ground Sheet
  • SPF 50+
  • Twin Hose Adapter
  • Weatherproof Deisgn
  • Wet Area Vestibule

    Wet Area Vestibules provide a secure storage space for wet and dirty items outside the tent, but out of the rain and sun.

  • Wet Weather Access

    A protected door design that allows you to get out of the rain and remove wet items before entering your tent. Ensures the inside of your tent remains dry and comfortable in all conditions.


A Closer Look...

Inflation & Packdown




The Aero TL Lite features full head height throughout the tent. The peak height of 2.25m creates a feeling of space inside the tent and provides unrestricted access to all parts of the living area.


The extra tall inner tent height of 2.05m ensures easy access in and out of the bedrooms. The lower wall height of the bedrooms increase the stability of the tent and reduces exposure to strong winds. 


The front awning area has a minimum head height of 1.9m. Angled pole corners further increase the useable space on each side of the awning.

Aero TL Lite

Floor Plan


Awning Area - 5.2M2

A large double zippered door allows the front awning to be used as a wet storage area. The front door can be poled out with an optional awning pole set to create a large shaded area in front of the tent and the ground area can be covered with an optional ground sheet creating a more protected space.


Living Area - 10.1M2

The door into the main living area is a 360 door which can be unzipped entirely and folded away neatly into a storage pocket. The top of the door features a mesh panel with internal cover allowing you to control both ventilation a privacy within the living area.

Central toggles also allow the door to be rolled back half way to provide more privacy. Inside the living area, a fully sewn-in floor creates complete protection in all weather. Mesh windows on either side with internal covers allow airflow from one side of the tent to the other. A twin layer side door provides an additional entry / exit into the living area. Angled poles also create full head high throughout the tent. 

Aero TL Lite

Sleeping Area



Sleeping Area - 9.5M2

The rear sleeping area is constructed from blackout fabric to provide protection from the early morning sun. Bright coloured zips and lantern rings are easy to find in the darker environment.

The sleeping area can be divided into two rooms with a roll away toggled wall and twin doors providing individual access into either room.

A larger room on one side creates additional space for a couple and a smaller room is ideal for kids or a single adult. A series of pockets located between the rooms allow multiple storage options for small items and lower pockets beside the sleeping area provide easy access storage from your mat or stretcher.

Aero TL Lite




The Aero TL Lite Features a range of ventilation options to help control temperature inside the tent and reduces condensation buildup.


Large mesh windows in the living area allow ventilation and light during fine weather and the internal covers offer complete control of the privacy and ventilation from inside your tent.

The side entry door also features an integrated mesh window for further airflow during warm weather


The High / Low ventilation system can be opened in all weather and provides essential air-circulation reducing condensation and creating a more comfortable environment inside the tent.


Aero TL Lite



    4 People


    5 People


    75D, 185T, Polyester


    120gsm PE


    Fire Retardant, UV Treatment


    SPF 50+




    Inflatable Tubes












    75 x 44cm




    2 years


Aero_TL_Lite - Instructions