• Dance Party

    Dance Party

    “We recently purchased the Mothership (love the name) and are very happy with it. We like the design with the separate inners, we had 2 up and had plenty of room for a dance, if we wanted one. It is relatively easy to put up, even in a light breeze and the colour coding of the poles is great.”

  • Mission Control

    Mission Control

    “Just picked up a 'Mission Control' last weekend - fantastic tent! and looking forward to some great camping time over the Christmas break. The R&R guys in ChCh were awesome - great product knowledge!”

  • Steddy & Compact

    Steddy & Compact

    We bought 4 Steddy Eddy chairs last summer. They have been fantasic! they take up no space in the car and are nice and easy to get in and out of.

  • Big Comfort

    Big Comfort

    "The Stargazer is the most comfortable camping chair I have ever owned"

  • Happy Drifter

    Happy Drifter

    We have the Drift model, way cool. So easy to set up, stayed so much cooler than everyone else's at the camping ground! The airflow vents make all the difference, especially first thing in the morning. The starlight roof is awesome! We were pretty much the talk of the campground!

  • Mighty Millbrook

    Mighty Millbrook

    “We just returned from an unfortunate camping week where we were hit by a tropical cyclone and an intense low which saw most of our camp evacuated or surviving in sodden tents. Our Freedom tent stayed completely dry and intact when buffeted by gale force winds. Great job!”

  • Magnificent Mono

    Magnificent Mono

    "I bought the Mono beginning of this year in Motueka. I LOVE this tent! For about a decade I've been walking long distance trails with a 3kg two person tent (for just myself), as any single person tent I found was either badly constructed or just as heavy as the 2 person tent I already got. Then I found the Mono. What a delight! Its construction is really well thought out. And it's very light! This is my tent of choice for any multi-day tramp! Since it's so much lighter and smaller in volume than what I'm used to, I can take more food with me, or just walk around with a smaller and lighter backpack.

    Thanks for designing this tent, I've been looking for this for years!"

  • Moon Roof

    Moon Roof

    We've got the Drift. This tent is awesome! Never gets hot inside thanks to the 'moon roof' which rolls back to let more air in. We got caught in one those storms up north last year and this tent held up to 100kph+ winds and torrential rain and never leaked, not even once!

  • Serial Shopper

    Serial Shopper

    "Last summer I purchased a Sheraton canvas tent, we have had a lot fun with it and though now a year old still has that new feel. So impressed by your brand and design. I purchased a Tempa dome tent for my sons this Christmas.”

  • Happy Tempa

    Happy Tempa

    “There are many positives to the Tempa tent. It is not high and is stable in the wind with its pole design along with many guide ropes, most tents this size blow flat in any sort of wind as they are mostly to high or have hardly any guide ropes. It has got incredible air vents for hot summer nights, no other tent on the market compares. It is light weight, easy to erect and take down which is a positive if doing it daily for 8 months.”

  • Millbrook Trifecta

    Millbrook Trifecta

    “We have 3 Millbrooks, 1 Sheraton, 1 George and over $10,000 worth of accessories that we have purchased over the last 12 months. As you can tell we are huge supporters of  Freedom Camping.”

  • Frontrow fan

    Frontrow fan

     “I have just bought 2 Frontrow chairs to add to the 2 I already own.  I love these chairs they are very comfortable and well made.”

  • Millbrook Downpour

    Millbrook Downpour

    “Our Millbrook has been fully run-in up at Kaiteriteri over the past two weeks and survrived one of their biggest daily rainfalls plus lots of sun!”

  • Cooker Envy

    Cooker Envy

    “We purchased a 2 burner deluxe stove. It worked really well on our Xmas camping trip and we were pleased with it.  Our fellow campers were jealous of the toaster attachment.”

  • Professional Camper

    Professional Camper

    “As an outdoor instructor I have worked with many tents (large and small) and I think the design of the Mothership is brilliant for family camping.”

  • Wes Thomson  - Aero TL Classic

    Wes Thomson - Aero TL Classic

    We have the TL. Best tent we've had. Wind is not a problem, stronger than any other tent we've had. Sets up and packs up in 10 mins.

  • Mark and Michelle Keene - Aerodome III Pro

    Mark and Michelle Keene - Aerodome III Pro

    I have just had to talk a moment from our camping holiday at the Blue Lakes in Rotorua, to say how amazed we are with our new Zempire Aerodome III tent. This tent has just successfully navigated a recent category 2/3 tropical storm event across NZ. This is our first time using the tent, and what a test!! The tent performed extremely well, with massive rain fall and high winds (gusting 120km) for a sustained 24 hour period. Even through we had some hairy moments! It was very reassuring with the inflatable poles that they bounced back in the high gusts. Fibreglass may not have faired so well.

    Well done Zempire for producing a great family tent, we are so glad to have selected the Zempire as I don’t believe our previous 360 would have been up to the task. My only small criticism is that the cable ties on the zips need to be stronger. As I said it’s our first time using the tent and we have had two zip ties blow apart from the glue holding them together so far.


    Cheers Zempire

  • Megan Hargreaves-Rabbidge

    Megan Hargreaves-Rabbidge

    First year in 6 years we haven’t had any issues with our tent. We purchased the delta force at the beginning of 2017 and have to say was worth every bit of the money spent. Survived the recent storm at waihi when all others went down. Plus was roomy enough to have 6 adults and 6 kids in for a party when they got caravan fever during the storm. 100% recommend to anyone who wants purchase a sturdy and reliable tent.

  • Debra Cederman-Hill

    Debra Cederman-Hill

    I have this gazebo for my surf school business. It gets put up most days for six months a year in most conditions. I would recommend it to everyone. It can be put up by one person, it’s light to carry, and it’s the best gazebo I have had and cheapest. I will buy a zempire tent when time allows me to camp.

  • Su Duffey - Aerobase 4

    Su Duffey - Aerobase 4

    We have the Aerobase gazebo as per the Facebook profile photo ( that’s ours and our mates connected). It’s the best we’ve had, and we’ve tried a few. Handled a huge rain storm this week - no probs. Totally recommend.

  • Natasha Jean Davis - Roadie 6 Pro

    Natasha Jean Davis - Roadie 6 Pro

    We puchached a zempire Roadie 6 pro we love it only downfall would be the option to have a door on both ends of the part that attaches to our camper. - 

    Natasha Jean Davis
  • Paul Severn - Aero TL Lite

    Paul Severn - Aero TL Lite

    Just pitched the Aero TL Lite for the first time in the garden as a trial run. We sold our Jetstream as we wanted something a little lighter and easier to pitch. Wow! Zempire does it again! I was sceptical about this whole ‘Inflatable’ tent thing but I have to say I’m sold. The Aero TL Lite is so quick and easy to pitch it’s not funny. It’s a good quality tent and it comes with typical Zempire style functionality. Top marks!

  • Michelle Burton - Delta Force

    Michelle Burton - Delta Force

    We purchased the Delta Force inflatable tent last summer. Our family absolutely love the tent. Its super easier to put up and I can do it on my own and has so much room. Our old canvas tent needed two strong adults! One thing that i do think is missing is built in pockets for storage of keys/phone etc. Can't wait to use it again this summer.