• Megan Hargreaves-Rabbidge

    Megan Hargreaves-Rabbidge

    First year in 6 years we haven’t had any issues with our tent. We purchased the delta force at the beginning of 2017 and have to say was worth every bit of the money spent. Survived the recent storm at waihi when all others went down. Plus was roomy enough to have 6 adults and 6 kids in for a party when they got caravan fever during the storm. 100% recommend to anyone who wants purchase a sturdy and reliable tent.

  • Debra Cederman-Hill

    Debra Cederman-Hill

    I have this gazebo for my surf school business. It gets put up most days for six months a year in most conditions. I would recommend it to everyone. It can be put up by one person, it’s light to carry, and it’s the best gazebo I have had and cheapest. I will buy a zempire tent when time allows me to camp.

  • Su Duffey - Aerobase 4

    Su Duffey - Aerobase 4

    We have the Aerobase gazebo as per the Facebook profile photo ( that’s ours and our mates connected). It’s the best we’ve had, and we’ve tried a few. Handled a huge rain storm this week - no probs. Totally recommend.

  • Natasha Jean Davis - Roadie 6 Pro

    Natasha Jean Davis - Roadie 6 Pro

    We puchached a zempire Roadie 6 pro we love it only downfall would be the option to have a door on both ends of the part that attaches to our camper. - 

    Natasha Jean Davis
  • Paul Severn - Aero TL Lite

    Paul Severn - Aero TL Lite

    Just pitched the Aero TL Lite for the first time in the garden as a trial run. We sold our Jetstream as we wanted something a little lighter and easier to pitch. Wow! Zempire does it again! I was sceptical about this whole ‘Inflatable’ tent thing but I have to say I’m sold. The Aero TL Lite is so quick and easy to pitch it’s not funny. It’s a good quality tent and it comes with typical Zempire style functionality. Top marks!

  • Michelle Burton - Delta Force

    Michelle Burton - Delta Force

    We purchased the Delta Force inflatable tent last summer. Our family absolutely love the tent. Its super easier to put up and I can do it on my own and has so much room. Our old canvas tent needed two strong adults! One thing that i do think is missing is built in pockets for storage of keys/phone etc. Can't wait to use it again this summer.